Anthurium Crystalinum Care: Your Ultimate Guide to a Lush Velvet Cardboard Plant
Apr 11 2023 ahmad novriyandi

Anthurium Crystalinum Care: Your Ultimate Guide to a Lush Velvet Cardboard Plant

The Anthurium Crystalinum, commonly known as the Velvet Cardboard plant, is an eye-catching addition to any indoor plant collection. Admired for its large, heart-shaped, silvery-green leaves with prominent white veins, this tropical gem creates an elegant focal point in any room. In this comprehensive, SEO-friendly blog post, we will guide you through the essentials of Anthurium Crystalinum care, ensuring your plant remains healthy and vibrant.

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  1. Anthurium Crystalinum Origins: A Tropical Treasure

Hailing from the tropical rainforests of Colombia and Panama, Anthurium Crystalinum is an epiphytic plant, meaning it naturally grows on other plants or trees. Its striking foliage and mesmerizing patterns make it a sought-after specimen for plant enthusiasts worldwide.

  1. Optimal Lighting and Temperature for Anthurium Crystalinum

Light: Anthurium Crystalinum flourishes in bright, indirect light. Place it near an east or west-facing window for an ample amount of natural light without the risk of sunburn. If the leaves become pale, it may indicate excessive light, whereas dark or stunted leaves suggest insufficient light.

Temperature: Maintain temperatures between 65°F and 80°F (18°C to 27°C) for optimal growth. Avoid placing the plant near drafts, air conditioners, or heating vents, as fluctuations in temperature can cause stress and damage to the foliage.

  1. Maintaining High Humidity and Proper Watering

Humidity: Anthurium Crystalinum requires humidity levels between 60-80%. To achieve this, you can:

  • Place the plant on a pebble-filled tray with water, ensuring the pot is not submerged.
  • Mist the leaves with distilled or rainwater daily.
  • Use a humidifier near the plant.

Watering: Water your Anthurium Crystalinum when the top 1-2 inches of soil feel dry, using a well-draining, airy potting mix to prevent waterlogged roots. Overwatering can cause root rot and yellowing leaves, while underwatering may lead to brown, crispy edges on the leaves.

  1. Fertilizing Your Anthurium Crystalinum

Fertilize your Anthurium Crystalinum with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer diluted to half strength every 4-6 weeks during the growing season (spring and summer). In the fall and winter, reduce the frequency to once every 2-3 months to allow the plant to rest.

  1. Propagating Your Anthurium Crystalinum

Propagation of Anthurium Crystalinum is typically done through stem cuttings or root division. For stem cuttings, choose a healthy stem with at least one or two leaves and a few aerial roots. Plant the cutting in a well-draining potting mix or sphagnum moss, ensuring adequate humidity and warmth to encourage new root growth.


The Anthurium Crystalinum's mesmerizing foliage makes it an exceptional addition to any indoor plant collection. By following our comprehensive guide on Anthurium Crystalinum care, you can maintain a lush and healthy Velvet Cardboard plant that adds a touch of tropical elegance to your home.

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